Real Estate Listings Sharing

    This minimalist 1-page theme (w/ ajax) will help real estate agents/brokers to share their listings between each other in an easy & organized way.

    Real Estate Listings Sharing - Frontend

    It is fully responsive, meaning it’s compatible with mobile devices & tablets. It’s also ready to translate & the french version already exists. Here is a preview of how it looks on a mobile device:

    Responsive view on a small screen (cellphone)

    The main agent sees everybody’s listings while other ones will see only their listings & the main agent’s one, you can configure it to set everything public also.

    Main Features at a glance:

    • IT’S FREE!
    • Responsive Theme, very fast to load as it’s a one page application.
    • Simplified Backend to make it easier to use for new users.
    • The main agent/broker can make listings private between other agents.
    • You can use it for your own projects or clients.

    To create this theme, I used WordPress of course but also Stewart Curry’s responsive table & jQuery Simple Dialog.