• So this is my website traffic?

    So this is my website traffic?

    As young Joe is observing here, more traffic = more money, it's as simple as that

  • I code for bucks

    I code for bucks

    If you need some PHP or Javascript Magic or if you don't know any of these esoteric names... Then conatact me

  • Take the Smart Way

    Take the Smart Way

    Social Media Marketing + SEO = Top notch visibility!

  • J'ai la French Touch

    J’ai la French Touch

    Yes I have it really.


Search Engine Optimization


Now you have a website, you’d probably like to see it ranking higher on Google & other search engines. I can help you to achieve this by elaborating for you a strategy to succeed.
I do as much local as national or international SEO, just contact me for more details & references.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is really the way to market yourself or your company, it’s as efficient as it’s pleasant to do (for most of us). My goal is to give you the keys to make your strategy on social networks the most effective possible.
Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin… won’t any secrets for you any longer.

Web development

Web Development

I am a web developer at first and continue to provide a wide range of services in this field. I can integrate a design in html/css as much as improving your website by implementing modern & useful useful functionalities.

Wordpress Development

WordPress Development

I am perfectly able to install, configure and tune WordPress for you, from design integration to plugin development, I can do all you need on this platform.
For “smaller” budgets, I can also tailor you a website based on existing themes & plugins.